Do I deserve a second chance?

To give a little background I met this girl on MySpace a month ago, we went out on a date a week later went good, she asked me the longest relationship I was in and I told her I never had one, she was surprised. the next day we texted back and forth about mis. sh*t, then out of the blue she asks me if I was a virgin and I told I'm not because I've had only FWBs just two last one was 5 years ago, then she asked me why all of a sudden I wanted a relationship, I told her that I'm at the age that I want one. That seemed to clear things up, we continued texting throughout the week, then she picked my brain about my not wanting a relationship in the past and wanting one all of a sudden. We got that cleared up, or so I thought. On our second date we had it arranged to watch movies at her place (she invited me up on our first date but nothing happened,just an awkward hug goodnight) which was my suggestion, well, guess what happened, only we didn't go all the way as in no intercourse or oral,she got cold feet,saying that we have only seen each other twice,so we just made out more. We feel asleep cuddling and holding hands with her back turned too me, the next morning we kissed each other goodbye and a couple days later she tells me she doesn't want a relationship I say fine but lets stay in touch,sure. I then find out she got out of a long relationship 2 months before meeting me and has had bad luck with men in general. Last week there was a lightning storm,she's scared of them, so I message her asking if she's OK, she tells me that she has met somebody else, well I send her a message asking if her saying she didn't want a relationship was true or just a way of getting rid of me,when I sent it it just dawned on me that this was all my doing, the thing is I thought I was doing nothing wrong because I've never had a relationship or even dated before. To sum up what she told me 'both'. So I tell her I know I f***ed up and I was sorry,then I ask her if she could ever see us seeing each other again and she said 'i don't know but probably not'. Now I realize if there any chance of this working out I have to be the one to take the risk instead of the other way around. But the question is, is there still a chance? Do I even deserve one? Like I said I know I f***ed this up, and I feel like a f***in' scumbag because of it,i can't even stand to look at myself in the mirror, because from all the girls I've ever known,she's different,and I can't get the feeling out of my head that this isn't the last of her, can't explain why but she is and it's not just because this was my first date. She keeps the lines of communication open, and she hasn't deleted me off facebook or myspace, maybe there's hope? I doubt it, but maybe the reason I still have a little shred of hope because my dad broke up with my mom,8 months later she gave him a second chance and they're married 26 years later.


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  • Well to be honest if a guy told me what you told her from the beginning I don't think I would give him a chance... I would be insecure all the time, and if she just got out of a bad relationship, she probably doesn't want to get into another one... She is scared of getting hurt and the only way to fix that is to give her security.

    Kick back some time, stay in contact with her but don't over do it. If she liked you at all she'll begin to miss you; all I can say is to give it time; but let her know you are still around.


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