How can I increase my accuracy?

OK so I would like some hints and tips on shooting for my jrotc class I really need help in standing and kneeling my prone is great but I would love tips for all these I really just need to increase my accuracy


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  • alot of the time its your stance and mount that throws off a good shot.

    Make sure your feet are in line with your shoulders and that your turned slightly (left if you shoot left handed, right if your right handed), keep your stance relaxed and mount your gun.

    Pull the stock to the crook of your shoulder tightly unless you like getting beat up from the recoil and lean forward slightly. Take a deep breath, line up your sights, and fire.

    If you're still having problems maybe you need your gun sighted.


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  • Breath control, practice your trigger pull, make sure your well balanced when standing, there's lots of tips online if you search.

  • I have NO idea what your on about. SON.

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