Ex-boyfriend interested in knowing my current relationship "status"?

I dated this guy Ben for a little over a year and we had a nasty break-up. I do know, for a fact, he was very upset and hurt for a while. I was, too.

The only way that I ever get to talk to him, is through texting, unfortunately (I say unfortunately because I do wish we were still dating). We rarely do talk, but yesterday night he texted me and we talked casually about how our lives are. He first 'accused' me of dating a specific person, I then told him that was untrue, then he asked if I was seeing anyone. I told him that I hadn't since him. (It's been over 7 months that we've been broken up). Honestly, the conversation got a bit bland after that. Which makes me think that, that's all he wanted to know.

Does this indicate that he is still interested in me? Or is it really just out of curiosity that exes ask this?

*EDIT* I shouldn't say "accused" but he had 'heard' that I was dating a specific person.


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  • Sounds to me he is jelious.he obviously wanted to know if you were still single or if you were off limits.maybe you should met up and talk about reasons for why you actually broke up and then maybe then if it's silly reasons like arguments then bridges could be built and you could try again it's showing that you both haven't moved on and maybe there is a reason for that x


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