Guys, would you really let her get away?

If you met a girl that you really liked and once you got to know her more you find she is very sweet, you find her attractive, she is old-fashioned, and seems to truly adore you and you find out she really likes you too, would you let her get away?...would you let FEAR stand in the way of what could potentially be IT?

I am the girl here...we haven't yet went out, but this flirting/staring/attraction/cat mouse has been going on for months and the next step is for him to ask me out. I know he likes me, I made sure he knows I like him back, and now he looks/acts scared.


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  • Be what? That travesty called marriage? sex with only one person the rest of your life? A total financial rape if the marriage goes south in a divorce? A life of child support and possibly alimony? I would say all these things are a pretty good reason to fear.

    • Yikes! Brutal...but hey, you could be right. xD

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    • Later on? I am going on 26 and have never been in one thank god! (I did a 3 month thing and she cheated on me, but that doesn't count)

    • Your mr hero

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  • Why do you think it's fear? Why did he leave? Could you be rationalizing that fear was his reason for leaving? I need to know the situation before if I have any chance of giving you an accurate answer.

  • i would, well hopefully, I've never had the girl like me back


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  • Sorry I misunderstood... He looks scared? That is VERY strange. Plan something with a group of friends - invite him... see how it goes. Maybe you just need to break the ice somehow. No clue what he's thinking -- could be a million things. Just reduce the pressure and make it a group thing. If he goes - that's a great sign. Or plan a double date - invite him to a movie if you think you need to make the first move. I just think it's VERY unusual that he's been flirting with you and now he's scared ? Are you SURE he was flirting?

    • Oh yes, very sure it was flirting. Maybe he is shocked that I like him or something. Its like he doesn't know what to do now or something or maybe has had time to think and doesn't want to take the chance of having another bad relationship. I guess time will tell. But guys shouldn't punish themselves and the next girl for what another girl did some years back. SO when a nice one comes along, they either don't recognize it or choose to do nothing. May have too much baggage. 8-(

  • FEAR is standing in your way? You just said she's attractive, she's sweet - she's old fashioned and she adores you. DUH. Do you need a pile of bricks to fall on your head? It doesn't get any better than that - stop feeling like a commitmentphobe and take the plunge.. HEY, there are NO guarantees in this World that we'll have successful relationships. We work at them and we commit ourselves to making them work. YOU make it work. They just don't "happen"... I say jump in - take the plunge... and ask yourself WHY you would be afraid of a girl who sounds absolutely adorable? What's the worst scenario down the road.. It doesn't work? So what.. ENJOY YOURSELF and have FAITH that it WILL WORK! Hugz.

    • I added an update. I was talking about the guy....and it sounds easy but I think part of the problem is he put his heart on the line once before and gave his all to someone and no matter how hard he tried it ended up being a brief, but bad situation. I think he gave up or maybe scared to feel that way again cause of what happened before....dont know. Wish guys would realize not all women are alike...that there are some good ones out there.

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