Is my ex crazy or am I!?

So my ex broke up with me a month ago after almost a year of dating.(he said he wasn't ready for a relationship and he got scared... yea the old it's not you it's me **** and bull story) So anyway him and I have an apt that we shared and we had to meet up yesterday to sign paper work and what not. It was the first time that we had seen each other since the break-up. At first he wanted to be friends, I told him I wasn't ready. Then he wasn't ready. Then I found out that he has been "hanging out" with this girl. Whom he says he isn't dating and are "just friends" but hangs out with her often.

Anyway, yesterday we met up to sign paper work ( I made sure I was dress to kill :) and he at first was all quite and stand offish. Then we had to sit in the waiting area forever and we got to talking about nothing serious. We even joked around about times when we were together like inside jokes. Then when we left he was talking and acting like nothing had happened. He opened my car door and hugged me tightly for a while and told me that we should hang out sometime. I didn't say anything to that remark. I just don't get about mixed signals central. In a nut shell why break up with me, then ask if we can still be friends, then met someone and say I don't think you (as in me) are ready to be just friends yet. I told him it kind of hurt that he met someone so fast. Then the next day, hugging me and telling me we should hang out?! Please help me...anyone?


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  • Ok, you are both a little crazy. Men want to have it all and women want attention. If he thinks he can hit you up for some action he might keep that door open. Men are really good at stringing women along. Ignore him. Get busy and get out and have fun. Move on fast! You can't be friends with your ex's unless they decide they are gay.


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