Hookup and let down!

So I met this guy through some friends earlier this year. We clicked and ended up in bed. Next morning he gives me his number and says we should get together again. We went back and forth a bit on the phone and then started to fade a month later. Then I got a text apologizing and said he needs to call me and explain why he's been so busy. A week later he breaks it all off saying he needs to work through things and we just need to end it. Fine, done.

6 months later I run into him at a party. He does the awkward greeting and throughout the night, keeps circling back to me. Saying the last time we spoke I called him and ass and he doesn't want to be one anymore. I tell him it's all OK and he seems relieved. The rest of the night he is constantly next to me,chatting and by the end of the night he's telling me how much he likes me, always has, wants to trust me, be friends, I'm so beautiful blah blah.

We end up in bed (yeah I know but I like sleeping with him). That's not what confused me. It was all the talking he did. Even in the morning, he asked me to spend the day with him. I said I couldn't and left. Then a week later I get a stupid text saying we shouldn't be anything more but he doesn't want me to be mad at him so we don't end up on bad terms like last time.

Like I said, I get the physical part but what's with his hot and cold personality? Why does he bother saying all these things just to shut me down a week later?
Hookup and let down!
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