I told him I liked him!

So for about six months I've been flirting with this guy from work. We get along like a house on fire, we work all day and then go home and chat online until 1 - 2 in the morning and do it again the next day. A couple of weeks ago I told him I liked him more then just a friend and did he think we could perhaps look at taking the next step to a relationship and he just doesn't respond, didn't say yes or no and leaves me in limbo. What makes it worse is he has now began chatting to another girl at work that is half his age and yes this makes me very jealous, he tells me that they just click and they there is nothing more to it then that.

I guess I want to confront him and demand an answer with where he thinks our relationship heading (I told him to be honest, since our friendship is very open and honest).

What do you all think, Should I just let him go and forget about anything happening, or should I demand an answer (in the most non possible crazy way)?


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  • Well if you have an open relationship, then it wouldn't hurt to just ask him what's up. It's better than just leaving it to think about and drive you crazy. You should talk to him to either find out where you stand or get some closure.

    It's hard to tell, but if he hasn't been talking to you much then maybe there was some confusion somewhere between one or both of you.


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