Should I break up with her?

My girlfriend has a lot of problems... mostly because of her parents. but I'm OK with most of it and I do my best to help her, but she was very close with her ex but he raped her and did a bunch of other sh*t to her and whenever she talks to him she gets upset because she thinks about all the bad sh*t that happened. when I found out that she was getting upset because of this I tried to stop her from talking to him and sh*t and she promised me that she would stop and I told her that if she continued talking to him I would break up with her...

well the other day she talked to him again and I got really annoyed and sh*t but I decided to give her another chance to keep her promise and then 2 days later she talked to him again...

the reason I don't like her talking to him is because she used to cut herself and take random pills when she was upset and he made her do that a lot and now I got her to stop cutting and taking pills but she is still hurting herself by talking to him...

should I stay with her... or break it off...

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Most Helpful Girl

  • too much drama. Find someone else (easier said than done, but worth it)


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What Girls Said 1

  • its weird that she would still talk to him after everything he did to her. I would say leave her so she can can get help. This guy clearly has some sort of hold on her.

    • She talks to him because they were really close when tehy were together and when she broke up with him he totally fell apart and went totally suicidal and made her feel guilty about it and sh*t... she hates hurting people. she would b nice to her worse enemy. and for some reason she seems to like pain... its like she wants to feel bad...

What Guys Said 1

  • Break up with her until she has sorted herself out. This isn't fair on you if your trying to help her and she keeps going back to talk to this guy who abused her.

    Just let her know that you care for her and want to be with her and help her through this but its hurting you to know that after a guy treated her that badly she is still contacting him. This really isn't doing your confindence any good and quite frankly you deserve more.


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