Trying to be a good friend?

so I have this friend and she is dating my ex the day we broke up and I got really upset and mad at the same time and I tried to apologize and she said that we couldn't be friends anymore what should I do?


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  • Omg you apologised to her for her being a doggy friend and doing what she did. Why?

    She is awful you don’t do that to your friends. There are so many other guys she could date and be with she needed to stay away from him knowing it would only hurt you

    You do not need her in your life!

    • Exactly!! That's what I said and come to find out that they were dating when him and I were dating and it really did hurt and we were dating for 6 years

    • I’ll repeat you have NOTHING to apologise for. You do not what her as your friend or in your life, she is not someone you can trust reply on or has your back. Let this be a learning lesson of what not to accept from friends in your life babe.

      You do not deserve to be treated this way. And I can only apologise she hurt you xxxx

      I too just went through this similar thing the other day and my heart is aching. I ha e fucked then both off. Shady thing is they have both gone silent since they found out I know what they did behind my back.

      But I’ve taken it as putting out the trash in my life. Not waste any of my wonderful self on these two people and concentrate on finding good honest friends who care about me like I do them.

      Here is you ever need to chat x

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