Would you give a second chance to someone?

The reason they messed up or were the way they were at that time has a very good reason. Would you give them the second chance of you liked them at first and then ended it.
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  • Yes absolutely. Every person is only a human. My boyfriend dumped me out if fear and we didn't see or speak to each other for 3 months. He hurt me so bad and I brought another guy to a bar. He happened to be at the bar the same night and a few days later he knocked on my apartment door and explained everything in the most sincere way. We have been together ever since and its been 2 years. We own a house together and are very happy.

    I believe that as long as they can admit to messing up and their actions show they are sincere about fixing their mistakes, they should be given a second chance.

    Its when it becomes a repetitive thing that you should become wary, as the saying goes
    You fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me


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What Girls Said 4

  • If they had a very good reason, yes. I have yet to encounter someone with a "very good" reason, but I suppose if someone did, I would be willing to give them a second chance.

    • Let's say someone wasn't who they normally are at that time and did dumb things.

  • i did, and i regret

  • An important factor lies, who cares about this relationship more.
    In my case, I care about it much more then him, so even though I ended it because I couldn't bear that he didn't care about it, I still want to work things out if he could change his mind. But after I told him my intention, he never got back to me. End of story.

  • On the if he deserves a second chance


What Guys Said 2

  • I never do second chances. Either I broke up with the person for a good reason or they broke up with me. I never break up if I don't have a good reason and if they want me back after breaking up with me it mean the reason they had wasn't good enough.
    That would be like buying a TV, bringing it back saying "I don't like this about it" and returning a week later going "I've changed my mind I do want the TV"

  • yes you should


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