Should I Ask Her for Closure?

Hello all, thank you for your time and responses.

I have been on again, off again with this girl whom I fell in love with about 2 years ago. We are currently in that off-again place right now, and I am pretty sure that she has feelings for someone else and/or is seeing someone else. We can still keep in touch and not have TOO many awkward moments. But we def. don't go out of our way to speak to each other.

My problem is, is that I believe I am still in love with her. I know I shouldn't be because we have been together twice and both times she broke things off to see someone else. I have had my heart broken by this girl on many occasions but I miss her so much. I know the healthier thing is to let her go, it's just unbelievably difficult. Should I email/call/text her for closure?

I feel that if I do so, I am officially closing that part of my life. And I'm afraid of that because she has been an important part of life.

What should I do?


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  • i m Sorry for u...but I don't c any other option bro...

    when she likes someone else ,u will gain nthing from relationship & will even lose the respect tht she might be having for u...

    again, I know its easier said than done but still...maybe you will get someone who'll truly love u...

  • You are going to have to move on and never talk to this girl again. She has feelings for someone else and that's that. Don't ask or demand closure, just drop off of the face of the earth and move on. DO NOT be friends with her! If she is still in your life somehow, you will just watch her date other guys and it will cause you misery. Don't see her, don't talk to her, don't call, don't text, nothing ever again. Don't only let her go, but let her go and you go in the other direction. Start dating other girls and move forward. You are thinking that you don't want to lose her, but you have already lost her. Stop chasing her.


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