Is it cheating if your boyfriend gives his number to a girl on youtube?

She sent him a personal message with her number,

she doesn't know him but he doesn't know her.

she never called but he replied this,

" ***-***-*** ha ha :)"


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  • This is called "Communication" and "Networking", it's part of this grand scheme called "Socializing".

    Honestly, if you are worried about this then bring it up with him and make him aware that you are aware. Asking and knowing is better than Not asking and assuming I always say.


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  • w8 wat? ***_***_*** haha?

    • Lol. sorry I know it was confusing... He gave his phone number back.

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    • Well he has never met her, and she lives very far away. He's a really good singer and has many videos online. He says there were no intentions at all, she never called.

      but I have lost a lot of trust, seeing as I would never do anything like that.

    • I say he a cheater

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  • this is the kind of guy that is trying to cheat or about to cheat. so if he is not taking the relationship seriously neither should you. you're under 18 for f***s sake, most young guys are not taking relationships seriously anyway. so don't get attached to this guy and get out there and meet new ones. he doesn't care about cheating so neither should you!


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