I think I moved too fast?

I'm really attracted to this guy at my school. We'd say hi to each other and make small talk every now and then. and usually when we went out we'd always dance together and have a ton of fun. However, on a recent night out I had a lot more to drink than I usually do and while dancing it all of a sudden led to us hooking up. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy it, cause I did, but we haven't really talked since...maybe I moved too fast? we still say hi to each other and all, but I was hoping to really move on from that small talk stage and get to know him better. Do you think he's not interested anymore? Or maybe he's just shy to talk to me? what can I do to get back on his radar?


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  • I don't think you moved to fast but the only way to know for shure is to ask him out. He probably to shy to talk to you so you'll have to talk to him. I hope this helped.


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