He won't admit it............now what?

I have this guy friend who I believe is very interested in me. He does all of the body language stuff: never turning his back to me, staring a lot and looking away when I catch him, leaning toward me, etc. He's actually a party person, but if no one told you, you would never guess by his actions around me. He's extremely nice to me, and a good friend overall. Anyway, just recently, one of my friends decided to ask him about his feelings for me(without telling me), he replied "As a friend yeah". Which BTW he knows that the friend who asked him would tell me if he said yes, so he knows that his answer would get back to me.

But if we were just friends, he wouldn't be so nervous around me. And you don't stare at a friend like he does. And if I say hello to him in the hallway, his face lights up and he smiles back.You wouldn't ask someone to ask her opinion of you, instead of asking her directly. And you certainly don't go asking her friends what her plans are, instead of asking her. He does that last one a lot. Maybe he's too shy to ask me?

So, as the question states up there, now what? Should I just let it go and stay friends? Or do you think I should just wait and see if he'll come around? Or should I ask him myself?

Also, it's not like I only see this guy in the hallways. We're in the same lab group and he sits right next to me in math. So I see him a lot.


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  • if he is really showing such shy attitudes, then why not ask him yourself and play the man for a change ? :)

    • Haha. Okay, I was thinking about asking him myself. His answer might be different.

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    • Yeah, that could work too. Thanks!

    • No prob :)

  • Yeah, he obviously likes you. Sounds like he is pretty shy. I know I can relate to that. Just ask him out yourself, but don't come off too strong just being like. "Hey we should hang out this time and here." Suggest stuff that you two will be alone and it should open him up. Surely.


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