Spontaneously move or stay?

Just got laid off. Dumped all my friends because all they care about is alcohol and boys. I'm not going to be able to do anything at all for a while...

One of my good friends, who I've been interested in for a while, told me last night to move to Oklahoma and he'll get a house and he'll take care of me til I find a job. (I live in south central Texas).

Part of me wants to do it so bad, just to start fresh and clean and do something new and different in life.

but the there part wants to be here near my family and is afraid of what will happen...

If you had this chance would you take it?

What do you think I should do?

I'm not asking you to make a decision for me, just advice, thoughts, ideas, etc just to give me something more to think about and something to make this decision a little easier...

Please help :-)


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  • that's a little if-y...

    yes, he's your friend,

    but what would happen if he suddenly wanted to pack up and move somewhere?

    then you'd be stuck in Oklahoma homeless

    or back in your original town again

    • He's got everything in OK and I could always go with him...

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