Should I feel guilty about not talking to ex boyfriend as per my current boyfriend's request?

I have been dating my boyfriend for over a year after a two year relationship "ended"; ex didn't want to break up, I wanted to break-up, said we'd call it a "break", for his sake, while he fixed some problems he had and we were free to see whoever we wished. A while after I started dating this guy, "Sam" and things got serious, deciding to take things to the next step and call him my boyfriend, my ex freaked out and drama begun. He would message both me and my boyfriend, call me on my phone/cellphone 24/7, and threaten with suicide if I didn't break up with "Sam" and got back together with him--this went on for several weeks-month. I refused and, eventually, cut contact with him while he chilled. Once this was done, "Sam" asked me to cut off all contact with him permanently. Today, after not hearing from him for several months, I got a message that said he was going to delete me, the reasons: "Because we never talk ever!" And now, I feel absolutely horrible; like the biggest jerk on earth, but I wonder if I should be feeling that way... Help.


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  • Your ex is a retard and your boyfriend is correct - stay away from that guy.


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