Doctor involve with a married man - why??

My husband left me for a doc we were married 20 years I am 47 and she is 35. Because of this our divorce will soon be final. she is educated and he is not. she lives in the USA and he in the Islands. he gives her expensive gifts which he can't afford and she travels with him when ever he goes on business. He also have a lot of women in the islands. The doc thinks that she is the only woman.But he still comes and want to have sex with me. I had my lawyer put a stop to his behavior I hate him with a passion. But I wish that he would stop coming to my home. I have one child she is 21yrs. why would a doc want a married man? thank god this ordeal will soon be over and rid my self of him.


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  • Fact : Women like married men. I will never understand the vast majority of these girls or what they are thinking but for most, if a girl sees an attractive man with a ring on his finger they go straight for him. They think that he is being tied down and want to be the ones to break him loose. Not to mention women are HATERS, meaning they will steal your man just so they can laugh in your face. But it's not just their fault, it's the mans fault too. If a guy really loved his wife he wouldn't cheat or leave. They are both in the wrong, and will both find themselves not happy. Especially when he has no money left to flaunt on her and she gets bored with him deciding to move on. Just don't take him back, guys like that don't deserve you. When you take half of his sh*t, don't feel bad AT ALL


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  • /when your attracted to someone, you look pass there flaws.


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