Do I have to worry about my boyfriend's ex?

I have been with my boyfriend for a year now. When we first got together, his ex used to call him all the time but after I got up set, he told her to stop and we didn't hear from her again. These past few months though we have been running into her. She is friends still with all of my boyfriend's friends they are all happy to see her. They hug her, buy her drinks, and pretty much ignore me. My boyfriend however gets really mad and always starts yelling at her. Sometimes, she hasn't even spoken to him and he starts yelling at her. For example, last night we were at a party, she just got out of her car and my boyfriend started screaming "**** you!" at her. At first she just ignored him but as the night went on, rather than ignoring each other they just started yelling at each other, calling each other names, etc. Then this morning, his friends had brought her back to his house and let her sleep on the couch! I didn't even know until this morning when my boyfriend woke up, went downstairs, and came back up with a blanket saying he had stolen the blanket from his ex to p*ss her off. If he hates her so much, why does he give her so much attention? Sometimes I feel like it's almost their way of flirting. Do I have anything to be worried about or threatened by? She never speaks to me when I am there either.


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  • you should only be concerned if they are seeing each other and talking...this will start a chain reaction of things that will lead to problems down the road for your relationship


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