Are younger girls more likely to cheat on older guys or guys their own age?

Are younger girls more likely to cheat on older guys or guys their own age?

Lets say a girl in her early 20's. Do you think she would be more likely to cheat on a guy her own age or a guy who is 5-10 years older?

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  • More likely to cheat on a guy older than her.
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  • I think it depends on why they're cheating. I think in general, it would be more likely to be someone closer to their age/in their social group or extended social group, since that's when an opportunity is more likely to arise. For example, a friend, or maybe if they get drunk at a party and it "just happens.

    I mean, most young girls don't hang out with a lot of people 5-10 years older, so the opportunity won't present itself as often.

    On the other hand, if a younger girl is unhappy in her relationship and chalks it up to her boyfriend being immature, she may seek out an older guy because of his perceived maturity.


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  • it depends on the girl, each girl is different so you kinda have to know that person personally to find out...some cheat some dont

  • i think that this is a horrible poll because honestly when there have been statistics on this kind of data, no matter what happened men declared more affairs and admitted to cheating. but if a girl is to cheat, I think it has less to do with age and more to do with who they are and their satisfaction. I would say though that women on average do tend to date men who are older then they are by a couple years so if you bothered to see the age difference and cheating levels, you could assume that the women who do cheat cheat on men older than they are.


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