What can I do? I miss him!

I met him when he still had a girlfriend, but we had an instant connection. Months later we started hanging out, this was only a couple weeks after him and his ex broke up. We had sex the second time we hung out - but I made the first move, he was a complete gentleman! After that we talked daily, and hung out several times a week. We had sex a lot, but most of the time, we just watched movies, talked and laughed! We had so much in common and had so much fun together! I even met his daughter (and he said that was a big deal for him.) After a couple of weeks, he asked where I saw this relationship going, and I said I really like hanging out with him, and told him how much I like him. He said he felt the same, but it was really too soon for him to get involved in another relationship. I told him I understood, and I wasn’t going to pressure him into anything. He still called me and text me nice things. We still hung out and had a great time together for the next couple weeks.

After week 4, the phone calls stopped coming from him as much, I had to call first. And the texts weren’t “hey sexy” it was “hey what's up” instead. And the plans were always me asking him to hang out, and pretty much inviting myself over to his house! He would say he wanted to hang out but then wouldn’t call me until late that night, and by that time I was already asleep or had made other plans.

By week 5 we only hung out once a week, and if I didn’t text/call him first, I wouldn’t hear from him at all. I never pressured him or acted possessive. I never asked him where he was or who he was with, so I know I wasn’t being ‘to girlfriend-like’ but I don’t understand what happened. We had such a great connection and he said so on several occasions! He said each time we hang out he likes me more and more, but in the same week he would remind me he’s not ready for a relationship…

We haven't really talked or hung out in a couple of weeks. He sent me a random text over the weekend that didn't require a response, so I'm waiting for him to start an actual conversation.

Could he really like me as much as he claimed but really need time to be single and get over his ex? What can I do? I miss him so much!


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  • oh no...sounds like you are the upgraded version of a booty call. I hate to say this but you should never have slept with him in the first place. I think the main reason he was acting enthusiastic with you was because he probably wanted to get over his ex and he had great accesss to sex...but once the rebound time wore off...he knows he probably just wants to play the field. I think he gets the vibe from you that you are probably looking at a relationship down the road and he doesn't want to deal with it right now. I know its horrible the way he's just disconnecting you from his life but its kind of like a coward's way out; if you don't see it or hear it then it's gone. I would start to forget him if I wore you and move on to somebody that actually knows what they want and doesn't have previous relationship baggage.


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