Would a guy take back the engagement ring?

Would a guy take back the engagement ring they bought and is still paying for, from his ex-fiance? and if he didn't take it back, why wouldn't he?


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  • It all depends on the guy. A nice guy would let his ex keep the ring as sentlemental value. So that way she will always remember him. Unless if she sold it or pawn it then that would be something else that's different. I think a guy would take the ring back out of being spiteful and mad and angry that things didn't work out. And if he is making payments on it then maybe he would return it and get his money back or even give it to another girl. It depends on the guy and their personality.

    • How broke off the engagement? I think there is a rule or law about it.

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    • I deserve that much.

    • That's so very true. He should give you closure at least. And yeah sometimes friends are good and sometimes they just can be back stabbers. Eliminate the drama out of your life. Life is to short for drama. Yeah and the kid probably was brought into it. He shouldn't count anything against you just because you had guy friends. Trust plays a big role in relationships. You have to really trust your mate if they are hanging around the opposite sex. I am sorry that this situation happened to you.

  • If he does take it back its because he's mad or extremely upset that it had to end that way he doesn't want to take it its just his feelings getting to him that's all. But the reason why he would leave it is total opposite, it means he still loves you and always will even if things changed between you two its kind of like a love note to not forget about him because he won't forget you ...Are you getting this or is this confusing... Hope I helped xD


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