Will my ex ever speak to me again?

I asked him if he still had feelings for me as he was contacting me more and sending me mixed signals. To be honest I know I was wrong because I asked him more than once but he has cut all contact and said he never wants to speak to me again =( can anybody tell me why he would do this. I'm going through a hard time and so is he (his mate killed himself) but I don't want to lose him completely. Will he reply if I contact him in a month or so?


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  • Why are you chasing this guy when he has told you that he wants no contact with you. Onlly you can answer why he wouldn't want to talk anymore. Sorry you are going through a hard time but you are broken up for a reason. Have no clue what the mixed signals are - but you are going to lose him completely for good if you keep your obessive behavior. You can try again in a month I suppose ( am not sure why you would want to) but it sounds like this relationship has run its course and become toxic . Love should not hurt you. Please think about moving on if you have not heard from him by the end of the month. If you chase him - and he continues to reject you - you will have an even harder time. Sorry. Hugz.

    • I just don't understand. I know I pushed him while he was having a difficult time and he said he wanted a fresh start after his holiday but he actually contacted me after and asked why I hadn't rang him, before his holiday he phoned me four times in one week! See what I mean about the mixed signals. I just don't know how he could cut contact like this, Its not as if I did anything that bad. I could understand more if I had done something mean to him.

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    • You have actually summed up our relationship. I noticed he was getting distant and I did the worst possible thing and clung to him and he dumped me. Now, he seemed to be warming up to me I have pushed him away again. I love him so much it hurts. I've only been in two relationships and I feel more for him than my first boyfriend. Just been on a dating website and I don't feel excited at all. I was getting over it too be honest before this happened.

    • Let me give you a little advice about guys who act distant. There is usually you a VERY good reason and NOT good for you. When they do that... YOU do NOTHING. STOP. No contact. If he wants YOU - he will come to YOU. You are new at the dating game. Let this guy go. If you pursue him, he will reject you over and over. If he wanted to be with you, he would be. MOVE ON SWEETIE. LEARN and try to get hold of your panicky feelings in the future. GUYS HATE THAT. Hugz.

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  • Dont contact him, wait for him to contact you. In the meantime go out, have fun, let loose, make new friends.

    • Do you think he will contact me again?

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    • After speaking with my friend I decided I would contact him. After 2 weeks I sent him a casual message online no apologising, no begging just asking how he was. He replied!! What do you think of this?

    • Just an update he didn't reply to that one either, why do you think he replied to one and not the other.... he asked me a question and I answered it and asked him something but he hasn't replied now.

  • My ex told me to leave him alone and I contacted him 3months after he still didn't reply. Its his lost, he dumped you. Just move on. Its gonna hurt more if you continue contacting him trust me.


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