Time to move on??????

been talking to this guy for 4 months now... its been long distance but we have not been official. its been a month now since school started and I have been waiting for him to come down to see me. he graduated already so he just works a lot right now (not his real career job but just does 2 work jobs which he works crazy long hours) I have invited him weekends but conflicts with his catering job so weekdays he more available. so last Saturday he noticed that he is free on Tuesday and wednesday. I said you can come down to see me. he said yea I will but I possibly might get called in to other job. so I don't know what to believe that he really was "on-call" and they need his help or he just was saying I'm gonna come down and then just pretend I can't come down. I like him a lot but our relationship has gone nowhere and its been a month since I have seen him. I guess its time to move on? (I mean I never have been tied down when talking with this guy but I haven't found any other guys that have sparked my interest) advice please and thank you!


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  • So, you have been waiting for him to see you? Does that mean, like, you never saw each other in person before? If so then that sounds like a big deal event. From your tone, it sounds like he's more "Meh, Maybe I'll come and see you, or something" type attitude. If that's the case, and if you didn't already, maybe you should tell him how important it to you, and how you can't keep this up if he doesn't make time to visit you.

    • We have been seeing each other throughout the summer. it is his turn to come and see me... so that why I'm waiting

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