Should I let him go, or wait around?

My ex and I dated 3 years in high school, then we broke up almost two years ago because we went away to different colleges. I met a new guy and moved on, I completely cut my ex out of my life for 6 months. I found out the my boyfriend at the time was being unfaithful, so we broke up before summer started. I started talking to my ex again, and we began hooking up and spent all the time we could together,because he lived at his college in the summertime too. He came back to the city a lot to just visit me. He told me, I will always be special to him and that since I experience being with someone else, he wanted to do the same. I haven't talked to him in over a week until yesterday. He told me he was getting to know this girl at his school and that he really thinks he likes her. He asked me if, I would care if they started dating, and I told him no because I was talking to other guys. But the truth is, those guys don't even compare to him. They don't make me feel the way he does. I'm afraid he's going to go out with this girl, and I'll be disappointed and pushed aside until he comes home on breaks to see me, because she doesn't live in our state. I've talked to 4 guys this past month and went on dates, and they all are nice but I don't feel a real connection. I don't know what to do, I think about him all the time now. He doesn't really have a lot of time to talk because of work and school but a lot of times I see him online on facebook and he doesn't say anything to me anymore like he used to. Help please & thank you.


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  • You can't control whether or not there is a relationship, unfortunately, because obviously it takes two. So it may be that your feelings for him are not returned.

    And you may carry with you feelings of a lost relationship for a long time to come, as a result.

    But what I think would be worse, and what you can control, is if you lose an opportunity to tell him how you feel. It is possible that part of his behavior is impacted by how you've acted -- been out with others, telling him that you're talking to other guys know, etc.

    Yet that's only telling him half your story. I think you need to tell him the rest -- that you go out sometimes, but it isn't like what you shared with him, and that you really miss the relationship that you and he shared. If you don't tell him how you feel now, later I think you'll regret it, and perhaps wonder "what if?" as a result.


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