How long does it take hair to grow to the point where it can be tied back?

i want long hair but want to know how long it takes for hair to grow and tie it back


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  • Depends on how fast your hair grows and how much do you take care of your hair, if you have damaged hair you may need to trim it every once and a while.. plus you you should perhaps start using oils masks for hair to make it thicker and healthier.

    But if you want a med length it takes about 6 -10 months, if you want really long hair then you may need to wait a year + .

    Remember if you tie your hair back too tight for a long time, you may start losing hair on the front area and you wouldn't want that to happen so take it easy once its long and let it breath too.

    • Thanx for the advice I will take note as I want it long enough just for a ponytail don't want it anylonger than shoulders or below

    • =) Thanks for the best answer

    • Your welcome thanx

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  • Guys' hair grows fast usually, you should have no problem I think. But it takes a little over 6-10 months to grow really long hair...

    • Thnx it is growing and its getting thick but not long enuff 2 tie it back yet

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  • After a full year it should be at least touching your chest, if it falls that way. I'd reccomend you get it trimmed regularly, to help it grow. If you dont, it turns into split ends, which grow into more split ends, instead of down, you know? Good luck ^^


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