Should I go with him to Homecoming?

OK so my bestest guy friend was telling me who he wanted to ask to homecoming.

He said that he was going to ask this freshman chick (we're sophomores) that we see in the band room a lot, but he hasn't talked to her.

Then he told me that if that doesn't work out then he has a back up plan(...or girl... whatever), so I asked who it was and he eventually told me that it was me.

So should I go with him? I feel a little hurt that he bothered to tell me since he didn't talk to the freshman yet and it's kinda obvious that if he asks her she'll say yes, who wouldn't date a upperclassmen.

Either way I wanted to go with him but not as much anymore since he's putting a "hot" freshman above me [not to sound conceited but who wouldn't get mad at that]

So what should I do? I wouldn't want to just say no to him, since he's had a lot of trouble with girls and I'd feel so bad if I hurt him like that :-( although he is being rather mean..

Idk I need your opinions! Lol sorry if I'm rambling or not making things clear, if I left out something or if theirs something to ask just say so :D thanks!


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  • If you don't want to go because he's became conceited, then don't go.


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