How to convince my mom to let me stay at my guy friend's college for the weekend?

My close guy friend and I recently confessed that we have feelings for each other. He wants me to come up soon and visit him at college for the weekend. I do not intend on having sex with him or anything, but I need to convince my mom to let my go. I told her that he has a girlfriend, but that won't be enough for her to just let me go. He's a freshman in college and I'm a junior in high school. Any ideas?


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  • You are a Jr in high school... No Mom would let her daughter go away to a college. Did youjust SAY he had a girlfriend? You lied? Honey.. please don't start that stuff.. If your Mom finds out she can't trust you - you will create a huge problem between you and her. Just becuase you don't INTEND to have sex.. does NOT mean it doesn't happen. .THINGS happen.. You get caught up in passion - and next thing you know.. you got a baby coming you didn't plan for. YOU are asking for trouble by going away to see this guy -- TROUBLE. Please do NOT do it... And PLEASE DO NOT LIE TO YOUR MOM TO GET THERE.. That will blow up in your face. You just see him when he comes home to visit -- NO weekend visits. If you were my daughter.. I would not let you go. Sorry. You're too young.. Be glad your Mom even lets you have him in your life.. When she finds out the two of you have "feelings" for each other - do not be surprised if she is not happy.. She loves you and has to protect you. I would not put temptation in your way - and you be sure this guy respects you and has feelings before you before you EVER decide to sleep with him. And if you do... USE PROTECTION!



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  • "I do not intend on having sex with him or anything"

    How about him? A guy with hormones boiling at age 17+(whatever)? Comm'n ... it is only "big brother"'s responsibility to take you to campus pub and see what "us grown-ups" do (as if they are 40+) in our spare time...have a few drinks (orange juice for you...sure)...1:30am ---- "big brother" finds his "little sister friend" not that little afterall... two lonely souls in the world, one a "curious friendly young friend"...nothing happens ... chance of ... 50-50? ... OK, first time. What about 2nd/3rd/4th ...?

    What do you tell "the one" when you meet him in the future? Nothing. Ooops, one skeleton in your life that you have to hide for the rest of your life. One/a few weekends--worth it?

    If you're curious about what "big brothers/sisters" do in college, thing wrong, actually very good, but better find a big sister and take you there, even sit/sneak in on big classes (back row please), ...etc.


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  • Hahahahahaha you have a better chance of flying using your arms


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