My ex is acting weird. I need help, I'm so confused.

Okay so my ex is acting weird. he was the one who dumped me and like he said he wanted 2 be friends and yet he don't act like it. like he only talks to me if I talk to him 1st. and like if I ignore him he just stares at me,and he never gives me nasty looks ever,he just gazes at me,i don't get it if he wanted to be friends,whys he acting like thibs.. I don't understand :(

Okay,so I tried the whole "ignore him" thing. And I think its working. like I don't acknoledge him and he tries to get my attention now...?


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  • Maybe he is havng second thoughts about it and could be mad about the situation and faulting you. Like you said he was the one that wanted to end things. Maybe your best bet is just leave him alone and ignore him back. I think if you cut him off completley that he will be the one calling you. You don't need drama in your life.

    • So like you mean he's having second thoughts about dumping me?

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    • Well I give everyone second chances with everything,so I probably would give him another chance and let him reedem himself... BUT he'd have to be sure he wanted me and liked me unlike lastime. I don't know if that's a good idea though,but only time will tell right? But thanks for all this advice,and tips. Your really good with this kinda stuff,and I really appreciate it. So thankyou :)

    • Well thank you for writing to me. I try to give good advice. But I am not right all the time. I make mistakes to. But I try to give people different scenerios to thin about. You are welcome for the advice. :) I wish the girls I talked to were like you especially with giving second chances.Lol You seem very nice and sweet. And one thing I learned is a person doesn't know what they have until it's gone. And I agree if he wants to be with you he would have to be for sure this time. Time will tell.

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