A bad break up. Help me, please. I don't want to ask my friends and my family?

Shall I answer my ex back if he writes to me? He broke up with me with a very bad attitude. He just blocked and deleted me without knowing why. But now I know. He was cheating and lied to me. He found a new girlfriend before we broke up. And now he follows me on Instagram and unfollow me and follow me all the time. And I feel like he treated me like a garbage bag. I helped him a lot, without getting any help back. So shall I answer him back if he writes to me?


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  • that's too much,
    don't reply nor give him any kind of attention, if he really wants you back then he would find better ways to make up to you, avoid him, see if he tries again, if you genuinely feel like he means it then the choice is up to you at that point, if he stops trying after 2days of getting ignored than he obviously doesn't mean it.
    however though, if that was me i wouldn't go back with him no matter what.

    • Thank you for answering my question. Well I don't think he wants me back when he has a new girlfriend. And he wants to be serious with her, but she don't want to be serious with him, according his friend. I asked his friend few days ago what happened, and he told me everything. But I don't know if it's true that he says.

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  • This is up to you and what you feel would be the best choice for yourself.

    Personally, I wouldn't waste anymore of your time on this guy. He's taken advantage of your heart, and of the relationship you both once shared. He was seeing someone else on the side, and never had the decency to grant you a reason for breaking up
    I wouldn't be there for him anymore. Don't bring stress to yourself or further commit your time to someone who's not willing to provide you with the same commitment, effort or relationship back. The following / unfollowing is probably just for attention, so you will notice him and he can stay active in your mind.

    Move on, and let your ex remain in your past. Focus on yourself and making yourself happy. If he writes to you, i'd just delete it and block him if it were me.
    Sometimes removing someone permanently from the social sites you use each day, can benefit you too, as you're not constantly seeing their stuff, or being reminded of the hurt this individual has caused.

    I hope you move forward and feventually find an amazing person who will treat you SO much better soon.
    Best wishes!

    • Thank you very much for the answer. I liked it very much :) I don't follow him back on Instagram, so I don't get no notification from him when he post something.

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  • If he broke up easily , then make it hard for him to get back , next time he think harder... And if little hard scared him away , u don't need a casual lover using u. And why women help guys... It's big flag of a man being a child... Find a real man. A real man refuses help even when he needs it, especially from a girl.

    • Thank you for answering. I like to hear all the answers I get :)

  • No, why would you even consider answering someone like that? You think that little of yourself?

    • Thanks for answering back. Just in case he want to say that he is sorry or something like that. No, I don't think little of myself, I just need some help what to do. Thanks for answering back.

    • He wasn't apologetic when he was cheating on you. His actions are likely all selfish in nature. The only reason he would apologize would be because he messed up with the person he was cheating on you with and now he wants you to be his rebound. I wouldn't make it that easy on him. Surely you're better than that.

    • Yeah, you are probably right. I'm better than that, thanks.

  • Nope. Sounds like a prick..

    • Okay. Thanks for the answer

    • Guess I could give you more than that statement..
      In all seriousness, people make mistakes and have regrets. However, not telling you what was happening and abruptly ending things is a BAD SIGN. If this new girlfriend dosent work out he is keeping you lingering nearby, so he can come running back.
      Now you have two options here, and no one but you can make the choice.
      Both options will hurt for a while. But it's up to you to decide. Only you know what makes you happy!!

    • Thanks for your answer :) I will keep your advice in my mind.

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