Sometimes he mentions his ex :(

Hi, I have been going out with my boyfriend for 2 and a half months now, and its really great, love him to bits...

but the mention of his ex's name just makes me feel like crap...the other night I had prepared the table for his birthday meal with friends etc...and it was so stressful...but I wanted him to be happy and do something nice...and he brought up how he had pulled a prank on his ex at college that day... he works in IT and can see people on the cameras and he said how he was watching her then rang her up and was like 'what you doing ye idiot' in a jokey really got to me but I didn't show it...why is he watching her then phoning her up? especially if he's meant to be working and why oh why did he have to mention it when he did...after everything id done for him it just really hurt :( does he still love her? They were together for about 2 and half years...i know they may still be friends..but you don't spy on friends and then tell your girlfriend about it do you? I get worried that when we're really close he looks at me and thinks about her...please help...maybe I'm just paranoid? and now I'm worried because he's at college everyday and now so is he can watch her anytime when he's working :(... I really do love him and I do believe he really likes being with me...hes told me he loves me...this was only one thing..and he has only briefly mentioned her before...but I hear her name all the time and that was just the final nail in the wall because he's was watching her and ringing her...
Also thank you guys for replying :) ^^ x


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  • That does seem odd. I'd be gutted if my girlfriend were bringing up her ex all the time or harboring old pictures around as "safe keeps". It seems he lacks a sense of closure. He's not doing you any favors by consistently bringing her up or telling jokes about her to friends.

    • Well when we're with friends he'll say her name, but if we're with my mum and dad he'll say 'my ex'... to be fair, he doesn't do it ALL the time...just lastnyt when I went out for driving lesson with him and my mum..and my mum kept her foot on the clutch while going round a bend and my boyfriend was like 'oh you shouldn't do that its not good for the car, my ex girlfriend use to do that and I'd be like :O' ... just small things like was fine til he talked about the prank :(

  • He's either implying that his ex does something that he liked and wants you to do it too. Or he is confused as to who he wants.

    • As he was with her for about 2 and a half years... and they broke up... and now she is still single... if he didn't want to be with me and DID still want her...would he not break up with me and try and get back with her?

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