How should I react when I see my ex?

Me and my boyfriend broke up 2 weeks ago. We're still trying to get back together. He said he wants to get back together, there are just some things standing in the way due to various arguments we'd had. I did NC for a week and he contacted me. I made it crystal clear I did NOT want to be friends with him, we were either getting back together or we don't speak at all.

He is asking whether I will be attending one of our friend's party at the weekend, He and I are both going (separately). How am I supposed to react when I see him? It's impossible to ignore him when there's only going to be around 15 of us there. We spoke today and asked if I was going. I said yeah, why? (We’d not spoke to each other in a week) and he said I just wanted to see if you were going. I told you that even if we don’t get back together I still want to be friends with you. I said that’s fair enough, but I told you that friendship was out of the question. And he said that hurts that we wouldn’t be able to be friends if we didn’t get back together.

To me it’s like he is just trying to be friends with me and not date me. And that’s how he’s trying to tell me. What do you think? And how should I react when I see him?


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  • You broke up. It's done. You know there are issues that will pop up again and so your head is telling you it's over. You tried no contact.. Certainly if you are in school together and attending parties - you wlil see him. You can't send mixed messages. Either you agree to talk to him KNOWING your boyfriend/girlfriend relationship is over... or you make it CLEAR ( no mixed signals to this guy - because he will jump on every chance/ open door you give him thinking you are saying ONE thing and meaning another..) that you Do NOT want to talk.. I would say ignore him.. IGNORE HIM.. MAYBE.. a few months down the road when anger and unresolved feelings have settled -- you can become civil.. Sounds like this guy is going to be aggressive with you if you give him the SLIGHTEST hint you MAY take him back. This has happened to me MANY TIMES.. The ONLY thing that worked? NO CONTACT.. Don't think you can talk " a little bit"... And if you really like the attention he's giving you - admit it. Sounds like it's over between you. Bury it. Hugz. How should you react? You don't. Ignore him. He will get bored and go away eventually - and find a new girl. You KNOW what you should do. Please do it.

    • We both want to get back together, there are just some issues that need resolving. I think you have misunderstood what I have said. It isn't just him that wants me back, I want him back also.

    • Sounds like you two don't know what you want. Good luck resolivng your issues. If that's your only problem, I am not sure why you posted here. Too many games going on here.. Try some honest communication if you really want to try again. If you love this guy do not see how you would ever ignore him no matter where you see him. Maybe you are addicted to drama.

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