My girlfriend broke up with me...should I tell her that I agree that the break up was for the best?

my girlfriend broke up with me, she says she doesn't love me anymore, I still love her and I want her back, I'm hoping that she'll miss me and realize that she made a mistake if I distance myself from her and show her that I'm moving on and in full agreement with her, even though I'm not...


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  • You have two options

    Either you pretend you re moving on distant yourself and play the its so easy game.

    Or you tell her that you still love her want her then give her space to fully make her decision.

    If I broke up with my boyfriend for whatever reason, I would hate the fact that he didn't even contact me or fight for us and I would think that maybe he never loved me in the first place and that's when I will try to move on faster!

    If he does fight for me in a nagging BUHU way, I will be disgusted, think that I can't really be with him anymore and probably take him for granted

    Best way to do this to me is, to talk to her about this, tell her how much you love her etc etc then walk away giving her time to think with no contact... if she comes back asking if you would take her back then she would learn her lesson and realize how stupid she was, if she doesn't come back then simply just move on!


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  • well giving it time to see how it unfolds is a good idea..but recently I waited for my ex for 4 months to come back and he just drug it out only to tell me last week he's never talking to me again..Hope for the best but don't count on it. I don't know why you broke up tho and what's happening in your lives that the break up ocured.


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  • Telling a girl you're moving on, kind of tells her you're not...


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