Why are men so messy?

Please explain to me why it is so hard for men to clean up after themselves... I may be a little OCD but still.. if you just used the dish the food residue is fresh. WASH IT OFF! BEFORE it gets hard and crusty and I have to bitch about it...


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  • i don't think it's just men, I had to constantly clean up after my ex. I can't stand dishes piling up either.


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  • Why are men so messy? Because we're lazy. Particularly if we're eating somewhere that we have to stop what we're doing (TV, computer) to go to the sink and wash the dishes. As far as you "having to" bitch about it, you don't. If it's that much of an irritant, inform him that you want him to wash it off when it's fresh. If he doesn't, serve his next meal on the dirty plate.

  • Come to my house then and clean it.


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  • lol I know what you mean. I'd be fine with them just sticking it in the sink and adding some water so it can soak if they don't have the time to actually clean it. I mean, they can spare an extra couple seconds right?

    • Ha..you'd think they'd just was it while the dirt was fresh..

  • i have the same question for my boyfriend...why does he never rinse off cans and wipe the table when he's done eating instead of leaving a sticky present for me when I put my arms on the table

    cause they don't have to...they have us to do it

    why do we need to do something if someone else would do it for us?


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