How to over come an abortion and being cheated on?

so obviously we met I slept with him the first night which I regret I was extremely drunk and just let myself go but we really got along he was giving me the usual I want a relationship bullshit, then a couple of weeks later I saw him on a night out which also was my 21st birthday to my surprise this sweet guy that he portrayed to me didn't exists I saw him kissing another girl who had been seeing whilst he slept with me...
not long after I found out I was pregnant with his baby he'd blocked me on all social media since I went crazy at the fact of what he did on my bday so I went out again told him I was pregnant he's telling me to get rid of it and then goes to a different club buying multiple girls drinks in front of my face... I pulled him about the situation a couple of days later he still wanted an abortion and was offering me money to do it and saying he would kill himself. then all the I really like crap came along too I went to scans for the baby I saw it's heart beating I was given a due date so I got attached to my child I was so under pressure from this boy that I made the worst decision of my life and had the abortion.
I've been depressed ever since but after the abortion he was saying he wanted to carry on with me and have a relationship blah blah he was taking me out etc so we were basically seeing each other then a month later find out he's been texting my best friends cousin behind my back and probably more girls... I've turned into an absolute psycho I'm so hurt by him and the way he's gone about it all making me believe he cared and letting me get feelings, I lost my job because of it all my baby and him I've lost everything, now a month later he has a new 'girlfriend' I just don't know what to think or how to cope anymore I don't want to contact him but he's blocked me on EVERYTHING what should I do?
How to over come an abortion and being cheated on?
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