My ex boyfriend's new fling talks to me? wtf?

My ex boyfriend has been talking to this girl I used to know and they are flirting and such and they want to meet up sometime because she now lives 6 hours away. I remember this girl, she used to like one of my ex boyfriends and she would confront me and tell me she likes him and would try to steal him from me. Well today I have not talked to her since forever and she messages me on facebook and tells me about her and my ex are talking and wanting to see each other. She practically tells me she wants to keep my dog with him because he would miss our dog. And she tells me that if all goes well with them she'll never leave and live with him already. I just kept myself calm and collected and was nice. I'm not one to cause drama.

Now my ex and I been broken up for almost 3 months now and we were together for 5 years and engaged and such. So this girl is weird...I don't know anyone who would confront somebodies ex like that and flat out tell them and say we can be friends. They should just let the guy tell his ex himself right? Its the most respectful way. So I asked my exes best friend if he knew about this girl and no he didn't...if my ex is serious about this girl wouldn't his friends and family know by now?

I'm thinking its a rebound or something...and he still looks at pictures of me..I know this because they were up on his computer when I visit my dog.

Anyways...what do you think this is? I've told my friends and mom about this girl and they say she sounds really weird...and my friend knows this girl too and she said she was weird and tried getting with her boyfriend too.

Is this a rebound chick or is he just making a big mistake and will find out later?
My ex also said he did not want to be in a serious relationship for a while and I know him he won't just jump into living with a new chick right away.shes probably just wishful thinking she gets to. But who knows.what do you think? I miss him.


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    • Haha! I'm trying my best! but he keeps inviting her over to the house! I miss my puppy! =( I hope he growls at her

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  • She sound a bit psychotic to me. I would just ditch her and not look back. It could be a problem in the works.

  • Uh, yeah, she's weird. I would tell your ex, honestly. Don't tell him the details of the message, but just tell him that she messaged you and you're a little weirded out by it. I don't think that your ex is going to just move in with someone right off the bat, plus she really does sound crazy. I wish I could tell you what is going through her head, but I honestly don't know! That's just so messed up! I don't think you have to worry about your ex getting together with her. From the sounds of it, you are a pretty level-headed person and I don't think he's going to jump from that to complete psycho in a 3 month period.

  • By the sounds of it,this girl has some major insecurity issues.she must feel that you are like competition to her that's probably why she flirts with your ex's and possibly makes up stories in an attempt to take her insecurities on to you ..don't pay too much attention to her are mature and can enjoy life don't stick around them .id be careful though she sounds like she could be a crazed stalker,and never forget that jealousy is like a disease..if it could be taken literally this girl would be on her death bed.

    • Thank you! just another person to add to my life who says she sound loony! lol I just think my ex is making a huge mistake...and I want to tell him but then he might not believe me because id just seem like the jealous ex.I should just let him find out on his own shouldn't i? This whole thing can get real messy I'm not up for it! I know he misses me and thinks about me...otherwise he wouldn't be looking at our photos or have my ring by his bed or even be talking to me still and wants tobe friends.

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