Are we back together? What's going on here?

So he broke up with me about 3 months ago, after 5 years together (3 years long distance, 2 years in the same city). Initially he tried to keep contact for the first month and a bit. Then I stopped contact altogether for almost 5 weeks. When I re-established contact the first week he was calling every couple days and it seemed like he wanted to get back together (yes we started sleeping together again but he was also coming over just to hang out and when my parents were in town he asked to see them). When I asked him what this was he said he loved me and cared about me but didn't want to be in a relationship. I didn't let him see my parents and told him that my parents were really hurt by all of this just like me, after 5 years of us being together they were expecting a wedding to come soon. After that he started calling every day. Now the last 3 weeks he has called every day and come over almost every day. He has said I love you asked me if I love him. When he's been on the phone with a friend he told him he was with his girlfriend. He calls me baby and everything seems the same as when we were together. We're going on a weekend trip away with each other. He gives me a kiss hello and a kiss goodbye whenever he comes over. Are we back together? I'm scared to ask.


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  • Hmmmmm this is a very tricky situation, I would say that you guys are acting like you re back together, what doe syour gut tell ya? you can't keep doing this, wondering what is going on all the time, relying on his actions, signals and hoping that he has changed his mind...

    -Maybe he needed space before and once he got the space he realized what he did was a mistake and wanted you back

    -Or maybe he just wants you in his life and not sure about what he really wants whether you re in a relationship or not and needs time untill he figures it out..

    -Or he could be still in love with you yet not ready to commit or something.

    -Or 'worst case scenario' is that he wants to keep you around just for the sex and its always easier to sleep with an ex than working on another person to get them to bed.

    You really need to speak to him about this and perhaps once you re on that trip you could talk to him about it and ask him somehow without bringing the marriage thing up (take things slowly one step at a time)

    You must speak to him about this before getting hurt... there is no other way to know the answer unless you ask...

    People might tell you not to go on this trip unless you find out first but to me I guess once you two are alone romantically, you could actually get the honest answer... Have you tried showing him that you re not his anymore or that you won't wait for him anymore or any of those things?


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