Broke up with who here? I'm trying to do the no contact thing.

OK so we broke up and how we got there I just kind of got way out of control too fast. I've posted about what actually happened before I will keep details short.

he told me we would move to the city so I could work, then he changed his mind after I had job offer. I told him I had to leave where we were because I was unhappy and said I wanted him to come but if he didn't I would still be going. he then came to me next day and said he was staying put and not coming..i cried a lot and suggested ways to still make it work, he rejected them..told me if leave we are over...i'm trying to do the no contact thing but I'm not sure if I broke up with him or he broke up with me..


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  • Don't worry who broke up with who. The important thing now is to never contact him and find a better guy for your self.


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