Is he playing me or is he sincere?

He's not really an ex we only went out 2 times, never even slept together. I'm 23 he's 27. We were supposed to see each other for the 3rd time but then his grandmother died who he was very close to and he started to text and call a lot less until he just disappeared. That was over 5 months ago, we haven't talked since until...i get a text from him randomly saying "We should hang out sometime, its John from Penn's Class." I took a day to think about it cause I thought it was just a drunk text so I hesitantly wrote "Sure, we should catch up" and then he kept asking me questions about what I've been up to, asked if I was still living in the same spot, and seemed really interested in my life. I told him I was working on a project and he responded by saying "That's awesome, tell me, I wanna hear all about it" He did most of the asking of questions I just responded for the most part.

I guess I want a guy's perspective... I'm confused I know some ex's contact because they're looking to "hook up" again...but I barely know this guy...we had 2 dates 5 months ago, never slept together or even came close he knows I'm not just seems weird.

Why would he contact me after all this time?


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  • I think he needed healing time since his grandmther died. Maybe he talked to other girls and things didn't work and he thinks he has a chance with you again. Hopefully if you give him another chance that he doesn't dissapear again. Do you really like him? Are you considering seeing him again?


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