I want to get back at him for what he did. what to do?

OK so my boyfriend who I have been with for a very long time . I'm talking more then 7 years. he is my first love and my best friend but he cheated on me back in may and I'm am still so upset about it . he made me feel like I'm not good enough for him . any way I want him to feel like he made me feel. I no this might be wrong but damn it he can't just cheat and get away with it I want to show him how bad it feels. so anyway tomorrow night is one of my male friends birthday and we are all going to the club . my male friend is very flirty with me all the time so I was thinking about kissing him or something in front of my boyfriend . it won't start a fight or nothing cause my boyfriend isn't like that he will just get mad and not say nothing but still I no it will make him so mad should I do this or what should I do


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  • Why are you even still with him? I understand that you've been together for so long and that he was your first love, but come on, he cheated, and that's just not cool.

    And do you really think it's noble to try to look past that he cheated on you, but then try to get revenge by kissing some other guy and assuming nothing bad will happen? Plus, what will other people think of you then? Whoring yourself around for the sake of revenge doesn't seem too bright.

  • If you're considering revenge,then your best bet is to just end the relationship.No point in seeking revenge as it is childish and immature and will only break the relationship.

    End it.

    • No don't want to end it not going to do that .. he is to much fun to just end it to keep it real I really do want to hurt him I am mean I guess but I don't really care I spent years trying to make him happy and all I got was cheated on so I want to make him mad and if that's what it takes to put a smile on my face then so be it

    • Again,end it.Clearly you are too immature to think with logic here.And your actions will only hurt the relationship more,then you'll play the innocent victim,blame him for it etc,then come on here and whine and bitch about that.

      You're only hurting yourself by doing that.

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