I told him he had to prove he really cared. What is going on with him?! PLEASE answer!

My boyfriend broke up with me once before. he wanted to get back a couple weeks later. I told him he had to prove he really cared, and he sure as hell did that.

Now, as school started, I knew something would happen. He gets picked on non-stop, people believe he is gay because he loves old music, and music in general. Its upset him so much he didn't want to talk to me for five days. he still doesn't now. 2 days ago, while we were kind of fighting, he told my best friends sister (they're close friends) that he wanted to break up with me, but then again he doesn't want to. We made up two days ago, after he said that. When I confronted him he got upset and didn't answer me until he finally gave in. I asked for the truth and he said "Do you want the truth?! I don't wanna lose you!" and he said he likes the same and stuff after we made up. What the heck is going on?


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  • He might react badly to it, but you should ask him to get therapy. It could really help with the bullying and not being able to be open with you.

    You might also tell him that if he doesn't want to lose you, then tell you what is going on.

  • He is wrestling with his insecurities, which are probably too numerous to list. His reasons for breaking up with you may stem from him thinking he's not deserving of you.


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