Ex problems - What does he want?


we met at school

he seemed to like me & I did too

so we stayed like that for 3 months until June

he added me & talked to me & told me he loved me

then mom found out ( I don't tell mom that I have boyfriends)

so mom found out & made us break up

after that with one week he sent an undercover girl to my group to know if I still love him or not

& the answer was yes

then she got away from me,she didn't talk to me

i knew she was from him

so after that with 2 weeks, he gave his friend my number

to call me & tell me he likes me & that

i told him how? (his friend is not the same school & never saw me in his life?

so I talked to him & everyday I yell at him & tell him "don't call me "

& he just calls

then my ex calls me & tells me to go tell him sorry

i did the first time

the second time I changed my number & blocked him on email

(His Friend Not the ex)

now I mean that his friend never saw me or talked to me ever before ?

then first day at school

my ex gets together with a girl

i was destroyed

but in front of him I was laughing like nothing happened

then he broke up with her the next day

now I unblocked the other one

he talks badly,rude & that

& threatening

& seriously I am tired of both


yes I still have feelings for him but nw

I'm very very very p*ssed off!


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  • He wants some candy


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