Why is my ex moving way too fast with a girl he's known 1 & 1/2 months? She's not his type AT ALL! She's a MAJOR DOWN-GRADE.

My ex Boyfriend & I lived 2gether 4 1&1/2yrs. We've known each other bout 12 yrs. We broke up 2months &3wks ago..34 days after we broke up he met this girl. Bout 22 days later he bought her an engagement ring. She moved in on day 29. & 18 days later FB said they were engaged…WTF? Now, I know he really loved me, there's no doubt bout that, in fact he had talked 2 friends bout proposing to me b4 sh*t hit the fan. & I know I hurt him & he was angry, but, come the F*@% on. Love just doesn’t go away like that & then to love someone else you don’t even know in that same month & then get engaged. What’s wrong w/this picture? OK I 'm gonna be as nice as I can here… He has 2 boys, ages 4yrs & 1yr, which he’s great w/. But, he has made it VERY CLEAR that he does NOT want anymore children, at all. This is FACT. The kicker is, she has 3 kids under the age of 4! & I’m sorry but she is not the type of girl he goes for. *Ex: her son went up to her, patted her stomach, & asked if she was having another baby! ..So, that instantly tells me she is definitely not his type.. Now you tell me how this makes any sense what so ever…

I am totally scared to death. I still in love him & I care for him more than he will ever know. I do not wanna see him get hurt, let alone, get married, have it fall apart & then lose everything he has, the house, car, motorcycle, etc.. I'll be damned if I am just gonna sit here & watch him ruin his life & let some “NoftheR” trash take him for everything he's worth. But what can I do? He won’t listen to his friends or his family, so he’s surely not gonna listen to me. I am just so afraid of what is gonna happen to him & his 2 precious boys. He could lose everything just because he wants 2 be ignorant & stubborn, & not think b4 he acts. It's so strange because this is NOT something he would ever do. He is so much smarter than this so it completely baffles me. Can someone tell me what the F is going on here? Like I said, just because we are not together does not mean I have stopped loving him & caring what happens to him. He is the most wonderful, caring, & generous person I’ve ever met & he deserves to be happy. He does not deserve to have some girl think he is her ticket “SoftheR”, marry him & then take everything he has. What is causing him to think that this is OK? How can we make him see that this is almost guaranteed to ruin his life?



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  • for someone to move on so fast says to me he's either playing games to get you jealous, He's trying to move on to prove a point that he can move on or he didn't love you enough towards the end of the relationship (sounds harsh but its a possibility).. from my experience I've found that its easy to fall in love really hard to fall out of love, its possibly one of the hardest things ever.. As you know , its hard to let go if you feel you have or had something special.

    Ive recently split with my ex of 3 years we share 2 kids and I'm also finding it really difficult because weve spent so many good times together.

    The best suggestion is to show him you still love him, don't tell him. SHOW HIM! in any way possible.. there may still be hope, if he realizes what he's lost then he might think twice.. show him what brought you together in the first place, let him re-live the good memories.. failing that.. Try move on.. even if he see's that your moving on it may give him a chance to get jealous and re-think. Once he see's you moving on he will want you back.. but then again.. would it be for the right reasons or just make himself feel at ease?


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  • Quit stalking your ex boyfriend. Move on. He already has.

  • Apparently his actions, whether intentional or not, are making you jealous. Are you all together now? Then quit worrying about him. It seems like you are obsessing over this, which is definitely not healthy for you. You know that exact days when you broke up, when he met this other girl, when moved in, etc...that's borderline stalking or paranoia. You need to look out for yourself because this can really screw you up. If you keep worrying about this, you are the only one who will lose in the end. Move on and find happiness :)


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  • the one thing I can see here is do you know for a fact that he really is engaged or is he trying to make you jealous, but also it depends on who broke up with who?


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