A few months ago, I moved. I need some advice on how to deal with a love I left behind.

I was new in school last year, and I met this girl in my English class, and we became friends. She got me to join the basketball team, and that's when it all started. HE was on the senior boys team, and during one of the boy/girl tournaments in another town, I met him for the first time. Minor flirting, but that's it. My friend told me he liked me.

We were getting ready to do a video project. My friend recruited him to the group, that matchmaker. I first discovered that I liked him back in our first meeting. After that, he was mine.

We were set up for a double date (movie night in his basement) with my friend and her boyfriend. Scary movie, shared blanket, holding hands, cuddling, just no kissing, disappointing me.We sit outside my house for about half an hour, just talking.

The next movie, same set-up, we're in his truck afterward. We talked for an hour. Before I was about to get out, he kissed me. That was about six months ago now, in March. It was two months before I moved away.

A few more things happen, but it's things like movie nights at his house and over at other friends houses. I can't remember acting like a couple at school, definitely not in front of his friends.

His birthday, I was unable to go to. Next day, she called me saying she did something bad. She said she kissed my him on the cheek. On my way to rehearsal, I saw his truck on the school street, and I jumped in and talked to him for a minute. I asked him if anything was going on between him and my friend. He said no. To this day, I believe him.

We're at a friends house one night, and we're making pizzas. She lives out of town, and we ran out of cheese, sending him and my friends boyfriend to town to get it. They went to the store in town and while they were there, the guys told him to cop a feel. He did. This led to a lot of crap. Nothing happened that night, but when I found out that he only did it because his friends told him to, I was mad. But I don't hold grudges well, so I wasn't for long. He still thought I was mad at him, so he avoided me. I didn't find out til my last day the reason was because he thought I was mad at him.

I was browsing though some facebook pictures when I saw one of him. Everything crashed right down and I realized blocking him out of my life wasn't working, I missed him too much. I sent him a short message, saying I missed him. From that, we had a 2 hour Facebook convo, talking about him avoiding me. He said he was a jerk and he thought I stopped liking him. It seemed like everything was back to normal. And then, I got a message from my friend. "he sayz he wants me in his sheets wtf!" He said it was a joke, it still freaked me out.

Lately I've been considering bridging the 2108.6 km gap and seeing him again, seeing what we have left. I know it sounds really stupid, I can't see myself moving in with him, so I don't know what I would do. I really wish he would come here, but that's the same issue. When we're together, what then? I need help so bad!


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What Guys Said 1

  • Hes probably with some girl that is a lot better looking than you right now.

    • Really, I feel sorry for the people whose questions you answer. You're not exactly the supportive, helpful type, as I can see. Thanks for the comments, no thanks for lacking empathy.

What Girls Said 1

  • Wow...take a deep breath and calm down.

    Now...think...are you really in LOVE with this guy or could you just be in love with you fantasies of him? You don't know him that well and honestly he seems like not a very strong sort if he gives in to bad advice from friends (if that really was the case).

    Concentrate on your new place, new friends and what (not who) you want in life. Love will come. Don't rush. Don't settle. You'll have a much better chance of getting someone who will treat you right.

    • I had to cut the info down to about half, I wish I could've added more of the info. Really, he's a sweet guy, and I knew him better than I usually get to know people. I stay in one place an average of one year. I knew him as well as I know anyone, other than my best friend.

      Yes, I agree that he's very very easily swayed by his friends and their opinions and such. And when he's with me, he seems like an entirely different person. But from the moment I met him, he was different, and I can't pictu

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