Why would he say this? Is he scared?

So I have tried contacting my ex boyfriend in past weeks telling him I want him back and miss him about 2 weeks after we broke up. He responded to my shock but said:

I don't know it fine. It seems like your having a fun fine time without me. With school and work. Etc. And you've been getting really trashed and f***ing random guys...So its fine.

why would he say that to me. I'm not the type of person to just go out and have relations with other guys like that when I'm still in love with him. Could it be his scared about it or something? His ex cheated on him 5 and more times so I know his still holds that grudge and would automatically think something like that would happen to him again. Even tho it definitely would with me because I'm not like that. I just want to know from guys and girls what you think this means? Does he want to get back is he scared or what? From then I contacted him again but he did not respond after I just told him I wanted him back and missed him and am not that type of person. Hopefully he comes around soon because I love the guy alt and see myself working it out and being with him forever. Give him more time and not contact him again? By the way his been going out with his friends drinking all the time partying why would he get mad if I do the same. Also on face book he had posted pictures of alcohol and some pf the captions were not too nice not sure if it was toward me I wouldn't think so because I haven't really talked to him and some just say you make me drink so not sure if they are toward me don't really think so maybe toward someone else bothering him. Thanks for your help


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  • It sounds like he got the idea somehow that you do those things, so you should explain that you don't(even though he shouldn't assume things!). tell him that he's not the only one hurting, and you wish you could talk about it with him.

    • I had already tried. I told him that I loved him and missed him like crazy and want him back in my life. I don't do any of those things at all but somehow he thinks that because I think its still in the back of his mind that I'm going to do something with someone jsut because his ex girlfreind cheated on him more than once he thinks that every girl he dates is going to do the same as well, but I'm not. ugh not sure what to do anymore I want him back so hopefully soon he realizes it thanks

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    • For me, once a day wouldn't be too much

    • True. I just don't want to p*ss him off

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  • foolycooly1001 is right, just don't besurprised if he won't take you back. Especially if you were the one who did the dumping or suggested it. I don't trust girls who play games and brake/up without thinking it through either.

    • He was the one who did the dumping. and yes I know we could possibly not get back together but I'm hopign we do. I'm not playing any gamjes with him at all my word is true and where my heart lies is with him so I hope he comes around soon thanks!!

    • Ok then. All the best and good luck!

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  • Hes your ex he has no right to get mad about anything & I don't know why you are sucking up to his tantrum. Why do people break up if they just want to get back together its a game - sounds like drama. & Why do you think he wants a relationship if he dumped you ? & Again, HOW could he be mad at you if HE I he dumped YOU. crazy...

    He sounds like an asshole. If he cared about you & wanted to be with you why is he stirring up sh*t and presuming things he doesn't know- he didn't even ask.


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