Was I wrong for what I did (HE GOT BUSTED)?

Here's the thing I was involved with this guy at my job for about 2 years we started seeing each other but our title always remained the same friends but I wanted more and he didn't but we kept it going I mean we were doing things as if we were in a relationship he had a key to my house and we were together everyday he even told me he loved me but he still didn't want a relationship I tried everything to get him to want to be in a relationship with me I loved this man so much all that being said one day he was over and we were having some drinks when all of a sudden he goes to the store and leave his cell phone so yes I went through his phone and found that he has a girlfriend that he never told me about so there I was in tears devastated he comes back and I mentioned it to him he didn't answer so I stayed up all night I couldn't sleep while he was sleeping I was calling his girl to get some answers she said the had been together for 6 years but she was 4 hours away in college and that they didn't see each other as much but they were still together and when she graduate they were moving together and that was a matter of weeks so anyway she asked if she could come to my house to catch him in my bed and I agreed she came over and saw him in my bed he got up p*ssed at me and he stood rite to my face and chose her over me with no hesitation about it they left and the following week we had sex and after that he texted me and said don't ever call me again I cried day in and day out and that was that its been about 4 months now and I'm still in love with him we still work together so I have to see him everyday but he don't even pay me any attention at all I've tried calling he don't answer I text him he don't reply what should I do I'm still in love with him .


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  • lol when you put 'he got busted' in caps I thought you were referring to the police and stuff.

    Sorry to say but yes you were wrong for agreeing with his girlfriend, just so he can get in more sh*t so now there's no way you are going to get him back. Imo. You should have just left him when you found out he had another girl.

    Good Luck.

  • Move on, there are better guys waiting for you.


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