Why isn't he telling me he likes me?

he knows I like him...and I'm getting the feeling he like me too...he's had the chance to tell me/make it obvious but he hasn't...why hasn't he?

I'm starting to get annoyed and a little bit upset because I feel like he is leading me on by talking to me heaps still etc

or amyb he just doesn't like me? ahhh


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  • OK well first of all, what makes you think that he knows you like him? Did you tell him directly or did you dance around it and send him hints all over the damned place, assuming he'd pick up on it? (because some guys still won't. Some people are dense like that) I mean how would he know? If you didn't tell him directly, by yourself, then you can always go back to assuming he doesn't know. Trust me. Because really unless you personally say it yourself, then you can't know for sure he knows. I'm not trying to be condescending, I'm just trying to help.

    Secondly, if you want a direct answer, if you really wanna know the score, just ask him point blank how he feels about you. Ask him if he likes you too. (If you haven't directly told him your feelings yet, I would suggest telling him that first, to see how he reacts) Ask him how he feels, and if this is going anywhere, and if not ask him why, and then be done with it. By that point you'll either know that he likes you, or you'll know he doesn't. Either way you'll be done with it. If he dodges the question, just assume he's playing around with you and get him the hell out of your life.

    This is how you solve your problem. If you want a better answer, then I'll need more information. Specifically the stuff I asked you. Maybe more.

    Anyway, good luck with this.

    • Yer I told him directly

      im just asking him now directly if he likes me

      thanks for your advice

    • Good for you. I'd certainly go with asking him why he hasn't asked you out. Good luck with this.

What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he doesn't like you, maybe you're just reading too much into it


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