How can you tell if a girl/guy is narcissistic or just nervous?

I can't tell if he plans things because he needs to be in control and needs to do things well, as apposed to what might make sense in the moment with me - you know being prepared as apposed to being connected -because he 'needs' to be the best in everything and he's very competitive. OR if he's just kind of nervous in getting to know me and wants to make a good impression and not screw up..So he plans convos, topics , moves etc

Maybe depending on if he stays like this or not? If he can relax more over time and be more there then 'ready' lol

mm we've know each other a month, only been dating a week, so...

Also if a guy has liked a girl for a few years, do you think its more likely to be like winning a prize than getting to know someone?


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  • What's bad about wanting to be the best? Those are the best kinds of guys..

    • Well if it is in place of relating. being great is not bad but if its all about what you are when you are with someone else it is not sustainable. like if he does something because he planned it and not be cause he feels it ...Its not against being good at things- narcissism is when noting else exists - good or bad :)

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    • Well then I'm as confused as you are! Sorry haha.

    • Haha thanks :)

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