My boyfriend cheating on me?

he has cheated on all his girlfriend but I'm wondering why not me? is this to good 2 be true? we are engaged but again he has had the chance why hasn't he taken it and cheated?


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  • I don't blame you for being concerned - but don't be paranoid about it ( have more confidence in yourself) and start imagining things that MAY not be true. If you have no proof - you really can't accuse. So.. most cheaters don't stop. That's true. Keep your eyes/ears open but please give him the benefit of the doubt that he's LOYAL TO YOU until he gives you reason to suspect him.. Watch for clues... Does he do what he says he's going to do? Have you ever caught him in a lie? Is he respectful of you? Does he spend time away from you and you don't know what he's doing or who he's with? Does he close down the computer really fast if you come in the room? Does he keep his cellphone where you can't see it? Will he show it to you if you ask? Just pay attention, Sweetie. It COULD be that he found a girl he REALLY loves... I ohpe that is the case. BUT if you start ot see signs.. ( DO NOT IGNORE THEM).. you ned to ask questions.. If you don't like the answers, you need to reassess your relationship. I was with a cheater 4 yrs. He always had an excuse -- finally I caught him on a dating site pretending to be single ( we were engaged). I knew he'd cheated on every girl he'd eveer been with. I thought I was the SPECIAL one. I wasn't. We finally broke up. My point is.. just please PAY ATTENTION and never invest more in a guy than he has in you. Hugz.


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  • Maybe he loves you a lot and doesn't wanna take a chance of losing u,on the other hand,maybe he just want 2 gain your trust nd much love and then break your heart so you cn f33l it badly..

  • trust me if he's cheating on you it well pop out eventually

    but for now just trust him but don't have any kids unless you have some!

    cause then you'll have to things to worry about

    • I just want to know before I move with him 2 [uerto rico so I can know he wouldn't do it over there

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    • Sounds dumb still I can't decide anything for you but if I was to meet him I would tell if he is or not

    • Yeah/..........

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  • how do you know he hasn't cheated behind your back? if you're dating a guy that you know who cheated on all his exes don't be so quick to think he hasn't done it to you. maybe he just learned how to be sneakier


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