Is it common to still want someone after being horribly mistreated and misunderstood?

she was so beautiful but really didn't treat me how I deserve. but I'm still stuck here hoping for more when hope is pretty much lost. is this common?


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  • it is common among guys and girls and the problem is a self esteem issue. you are placing more value on this person that treated you like crap because of their looks. if this girl was ugly do you think you would still be stuck over her if she mistreated you? what you are saying through your actions is that she is so much better and higher than you and you will take any scraps you can get from her. that's not right and you deserve better. I hope you meet another girl that treats you well

    • Well of course. I mean I wouldn't have fallen for an ugly girl. but like at the same time, its like girls want a guy that isn't like all the rest, and that's totally me, and its a shame that she doesn't see that. its not like I'm ugly or anything either because I'm not. I'm not the sexiest guy out there either no homo, but I'm by no means ugly. just a little shy is all, but I gave her my all.

      but yeah thank you for the kind words at the end. I hope so too but she seemed awfully special.

    • After you encounter 4 different girls who seem "awfully special" at the time, you realize that there is a pattern, and you are the one at fault for attaching your existence to them, especially if your feelings are unreciprocated.

    • Yes... I agree... but it's not like I could help it. I can't explain why or how it happened, I'm not trying to make excuses but I don't think you can really control how you feel for someone.

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  • You will meet someone when you least expect it then will never think about this girl. If she treated you wrong then in time you will look back & despise her but unfortunately that takes time, but it WILL happen. Give it a few weeks

    Until then go out & meet a girl who will treat you right. There's so many decent girls out there for you to get hung up on 1.

    Get rid of anything that reminds you of her. When you do that you will start to feel better already.


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