How to break up a couple? I love her!

How to break up a couple? I don't know if its a good thing to do but I must do something!

I have been in LOVE for the past 2 month. I AM IN LOVE!

Seriously, every time I see her I get all sentimental, shy, scared and don't know what to say. It freaks me out 'cause I am a peoples person and can start a conversation with any girl but her.

However, she is in a 3 year long term relationship. I made some research on them and their relationship is doing good.

Well, I am trying to find a weak spot in their relationship.

I always dated girls just for fun and was never serious about dating. Now its different!

She is always around me, always talks to me but at the same time keeps a distance. I don't understand her and wtf is happening. She hugs and kisses me in a cheek but at the same time shows me that we are only friends.


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  • The only thing you can do is let her know your interested. Other than that, respect the relationship she is in. If she says no, then forget it and start looking for someone else. Someone preferably not already attached.

    • What would you do? give up?

    • A man must learn when no means no. She's seriously involved with someone else. Are you going to go chasing something you can't attain? I'd only go after a girl seriously if I thought I had a chance.

    • When you see a very beautiful girl on the street and talk to her most of the time she will say she has a boyfriend. The question is "does she really has a boyfriend?" or just doesn't wanna talk to strangers on the street. Maybe she gets annoyed by all people who approach her and things that I am some kind of a looser.

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  • bad bad boy but what if theyre really happy together? :o


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  • Karma will always get you in the ass. Leave them alone, they have a successful relationship that's "doing good" from your own understanding; there's no reason you should end that just because you love this girl.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Karma will get in my ass if I will not do anything. I and you don't know if they have a successful relationship. They might be fighting every day but don't show that to public

  • it is not up to you if she wants you she will brak up with him

  • It's normal to have feelings for her and all, but the world doesn't revolve around just you. There are plenty of fish in the sea, but it's finding the right one that's the real challenge. And sometimes other people find the right ones first.

    Plus, if they're doing well and have been for a long time, then there's absolutely no reason why you should try to break it up in any way. It's selfish on your part, and it's wrong. That being said, if you want her that badly, the only thing you can do is simply wait for the relationship to fail WITHOUT your intervention, but it could take weeks, months, years, or even never at all, and there's a likely chance that you'll end up bitter and alone because you decided to wait. My advice, find a new girl buddy! It might take a while, but once you find another special someone, you'll get over yourself rather quickly. Trust me, I know.

    I know its hard to hear... but we all have to learn to face the cold hard facts.


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